Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kickstarter - Yarr! The Pirate ArrPG Hardcover : Make 100 Edition

I hear ye like pirates! Even better, you prefer your pirates "Old School" with old school sensibilities.

Well, Yarr! might be the came for you.
Based on the world's most popular RPG, Yarr! is a class/level d20 game rooted in the OSR. This rules-light game can be learned by kids and enjoyed by seasoned players alike. The core book is a complete RPG in one volume. This hardcover printing of only 100 copies will be an omnibus of the core book, all the supplements (including the Adventure Module "The Baron's Gold" and the expansion "Avast, Thar Be Ninjas!) And some all new material! 
Tempting to put some piracy in my SWL gaming.

Hardcover and PDF of the Ref Screen is $25


  1. I like how it mentions being rules light, then in the preview at RPG.now has 3 separate tables for currency conversion. lol

    1. Oh that is sort of confusing. The currency options allow the DM some flexibility in how much detail to fiddle with. But to speak to the game's light rules, there are no ability scores, the only dice are d6 and d20, and everything that isn't combat can be handled by rolling saving throws. Maybe I should update the preview LOL.

  2. Hi this is BD, the creator of Yarr! Thank you so much for the shout out. There were several pledges from it!


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