Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When is a Coin NOT a Coin? When its a Token ;)

A little bit of family history. My great grandfather on my mother's side own a bar in lower Manhattan in the early 1900s (and later owned a speakeasy just over a block from where I live now in Queens)

How do you get customers coming back to your bar and not going to someone else's?  Give them a token worth a 5 cent drink on their next time to your bar.

The above tokens are from the Manhattan bar.

Anyway, imagine the party thief's surprise when he picks that merchant's pocket and finds a pouch full of bar tokens. Maybe the party finds a sack of such deep in a dungeon. Can they still be cashed in? Hell, maybe there is a bar in some corner of your megadungeon and only those with the right token in their possession can gain admittance.

Not all treasure is coin, gems or magic and not all coins are coins...


  1. Tavern tokens. That should be a thing.

  2. I like it! And that reminds me, are you still sending out Tavern membership cards?

    1. Gah! I forgot all about those. I hope he is -- or else someone yoinked mine en route!

    2. still have a stack - i got derailed last year.

      Rach wants her space back to i need to get the rest out - i'm being dislodged by yoga - don't ask...

  3. This reminds me of the ivory chips needed to enter the Golden Camel in Eskadia, coincidentally on sale for $10 at Troll Lord Games. My two players, both thieves, had a hard time acquiring one. I came up with another way to get one (as their standout & planned ambush of a client did it pan out). It was a lot of fun. Kudos to Casey Christofferson for writing an intriguing city in his Haunted Highlands setting.

  4. If a token is worth one ale and the price of ale fluctuates in a location, the discovery of a horde of these tokens could have some strong effects on the local economy. Maybe even the regional economy.


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