Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sale - Far Away Land RPG - Best RPG that isn't SWL ;)

I do love Far Away Land. The art, the writing, the simplicity with unexpected depth. Oh, and the humor. Deadpan and subtle and oh so effective.

Did I mention even I picked up on the rules within minutes? You'll notice its OSR roots even if it isn't an OSR game.

Well, its on sale.

Let me show you (BTW, the Architect series of cards is worth its weight in gold. Get 'em!)
We've lost our hive minds!

We are offering a huge discount on all of our Far Away Land RPG books, Dungeon Architect Cards, and World Architect Cards. Our online store is crawling with discounts so make like a cow steed herder and grab some of our books and cards today! We have limited quantities on most of these items. Also, all print books ordered from us will be signed by yours truly.  
Here are our current sale prices... 
FAL Tome of Awesome (Hardback): $35 (was $45 = you save $10!)
FAL Core Rules (Paperback): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!)
FAL Creatures Vol. 1 (Paperback): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!)
FAL Companion Rules  (Paperback): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!)
​FAL Tales of Awesome (Paperback): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!) 
Dungeon Architect Cards (Physical Deck): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!)
World Architect Cards (Physical Deck): $10 (was $15 = you save $5!) 
And, all of our pdfs are now $5 each! 
I'd be all over this if I didn't already own it all :)

Head over to the Far Away Land blog for links to the sale.

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