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Monday, February 13, 2017

Resources for the Time Crunched DM - Roll3d6.com

We've all been there. The Game is in 90 minutes and all your have is a +Dyson Logos map and nothing to go in it. Heck, you don't even have the town or a single person in it. What to do?

In my case, its "start a series of posts highlighting some free DM resources." It may be apps for your phone or tablet, programs for you to use on your PC or Mac or even a website. Today, we start with a website:


What do you get here? You get tables. What kinda tables? Gaming tables sir!

This is quite simply inspiration with the click of the mouse.

Need the name of a village your players just stumbled across in your sandbox?

How about that tavern? They can't all be Tenkar's ;)

You get the idea. No, it can't do your work for you but it certainly can nudge you in a direction or two.

Play with the random charts a bit. I'm sure you'll find some inspiration.

Something to keep in your Gaming Bookmarks folder. Or maybe I should start a series of links on the side for these? Maybe with another 2 or 3 posts behind me.

Have ideas for other posts in the series? Mention them in the comments below.


  1. One of my secrets is I use http://fantasynamegenerators.com/ a LOT when writing up the backstories for my maps.

    1. Fantastic site! I second this chea-- er, useful website.

  2. I keep getting a 404 error, weak sauce.


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