Monday, February 13, 2017

Kickstarter - Critical Smells - D&D Inspired Candles with RPG Dice

Note - Die color shown is NOT what
you will receive with your candle
I've mentioned before that "smell-o-vision" and RPGs do not mix well in my opinion. There are few dungeon smells that I would consider tolerable - most would be plain disgusting. So, with that out of the way, lets look at Critical Smells - D&D Inspired Candles with RPG Dice.

Actually, something just got in the way. If, perchance, I did want a candle with scents evocative of, well, leather - which seems to make the list for 3 of the 4 candles, why do I NEED to purchase dice with said candle? Oh, and a dice bag too.

I mean, if I am such an avid gamer and all around geek that I need a "Wizard" scented candle, wouldn't you expect I'd have more than enough dice?

If I want a candle, I want a CANDLE. I don't need non candle related accessories.

Oh, and why no Cleric candle? I mean, holy candles (and unholy ones) are an RPG staple. Ranger instead? Why, so he can burn the forest down?

Seriously - WTF are you forcing dice and dice bags with the candle? Did I mention they choose the dice for you to coordinate with the candle. I get the feeling there was a deal on discontinued Chessex dice.

Its not even noon and I need a drink...


  1. Probably without the dice it would be hard to market them to roleplayers?
    Like they would be just normal candles, ... I can get owl, tree and angel candles as well as big ones (usually honey) at every Christmas market. At least in Germany. Plus, because I had some catholic religion class, I got trained a bit in decorating a candle, ... ... ... :o
    I suddenly realized that being brought up catholic could be the base for an Kickstarter (or Etsy?) endeavor ^_^

  2. $109 just for the "Mimic" chest? (Two sets $58 - Four sets plus chest $225). I'm sorry, that isn't really an attractive chest. One can get something nicer at Hobby Lobby.

    This kickstarter is going to fund, but yeah, I'm not feeling it. The candles might be nice but I refuse to willingly shell out money for chessex dice.

  3. Best part of the page was the 'dice drop' imo lol.
    Not feeling that one either.

  4. I just realized that the dice aren't in the candles, to be released when melted, but like an extra. Uhm, that doesn't make sense to me.


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