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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Loren Wiseman - Co-Founder Game Designer's Workshop - Passed Earlier Today

You can read Loren Wiseman's Wikipedia entry for a full account of his career. I remember him mostly from the GURPS Traveller line.

Cause of death appears to have been a heart attack.

Rest in peace.


  1. Sad to hear. I knew him mainly from GDW's Twilight 2000 RPG.

  2. Wow. He was a neighbor , I was unaware of his prolific career. What is really sad is the community (landlord,neighbors) tossed all his belongings-some way cool war miniature
    s ,countless steve jackson texts, diagrams, models,a plethora of myriad games, tons of interesting things in the garbage. Yes. I was appalled.
    I am still mortified they would treat his property with such indifference.
    I am sorry to never made his aquaintance, he was quiet and kept to himself.
    You just never know.
    Rest in peace Time Traveler.
    Jessika Lisa
    Austin, Texas
    MARCH 8TH, 2017