Monday, January 23, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Light Now Available in Spanish

+Dwayne Hicks has translated the Swords & Wizardry Light Doc file into Spanish. It is fucking awesome! Not that I can read Spanish, but just the fact that SWL has been translated into another language is AWESOME!

You can go to his blog and download Swords & Wizardry Light en Espanol in both PDF and Open Office format. If you look at his earlier posts he has other Swords & Wizardry releases also available in Spanish.

BTW, there is a Hebrew translation also in the works.

How cool is it that SWL is going to be played in multiple languages?


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, do we know who did it? I wouldnt mind that for my new S&W complete print ;-)

    2. It's mine. It was used and edited without my persmission. http://emmiejt.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-Landscape-334582711

  2. Cool. It may be just the right time for it. Nosolorol came out with a Spanish translation (and attractive boxed set?) for Labyrinth Lord recently. It seems to have generated lots of interest in Spain.


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