Thursday, January 26, 2017

TSR Thursday - AD&D 1e Core Books now available as POD at RPGNow

Yep. Remember the reprints of the Core Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e books from a few years back - the ones where the proceeds went to the Gygax Memorial Fund. Yes, those reprints and that Fund.

Well, AD&D 1e Core Books are now available at RPGNow as Print on Demand. I'm guessing the gold edged pages are a thing of the past and not a cent goes to the GMF, but I could be wrong. Heck, I'm sure if Gail COULD get her hands on some of the profits she would.

At less than 25 bucks a book, this is an affordable way to get your hands on the AD&D 1e books in brand new condition. Less than 28 bucks if you add in the PDF (10 bucks if ordered separately)

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Player's Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide and the Monster Manual.


  1. T'twould be nice if we had a choice of which cover: original, late '80s revamp, or memorial fund.

    1. Agreed. I bought the reprints when they were at my FLGS, and bought the PDFS when they became available (back when you had to get them through Paizo). I'd be willing to buy a fresh copy with the original covers, just to have a nice, undamaged playable version of those. I'd even pay extra, but not for those.

  2. Every decision made by WotC is a WTF? They are still in circulation.
    Go through the list of PODs and ask yourself how was this decision made?
    Marco Polo? Ravenloft II? Undermountain II? D2 and nothing else?
    A2 but not A1?!
    Spin the bottle is the best answer..
    Where the hell is B/X?

    1. It likely all about the technical process getting it setup for PoD. It could that they did A1 and A2 but A1 was rejected by Lightning Source and A2 was accepted.

      Getting a book up on Onebookshelf is not hard but it not trivial either. It is a picky process with a huge time gap between when you order the proof copy and get it.

      All of this is being done under the Goodwill catagory. There is no business reason for Wizards to be doing this other than the fact it generates goodwill to buy other D&D branded prodcuts from WoTC.

    2. They need solid scans, better than the ones used for the PDFs and the files for these items were never digital to begin with, and probably long gone. In fact, they don't even have all of them in dead tree versions either.

      A while ago, they had put out a call for people to donate their good condition modules and books so they can scan it. I didn't participate, because the process would destroy the item, and they weren't offering a POD replacement for them.

  3. I'm hoping that the do a POD of the Rules Cyclopedia soon. I kind of hate having to use my real copy. :-)

    1. The current Rules Cyclopedia scan is horrid though, so they'd have to rescan it before they could really make a POD of it.

  4. Since Thursday was the birthday of D&D, this was cool to see. I was pleased these are being made available in PoD.


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