Friday, January 27, 2017

Kickstarter - Alternative Facts - A Hilarious Card Game by Frog God Games

Alternative Facts - the latest game from Frog God Games most certainly is NOT and RPG - or is it?

Inspired by current events BUT not by politics itself - or maybe its the other way around. Damn facts get subjective at times, don't they?

What is NOT subjective is the minds behind this little project - +Matt Finch and Krista Webb (along with enablers +Bill Webb and +Zach Glazar ) With a starring cast like that, you expect something good. Failing that, you may finds yourself stepping up to excellent.

Alright, so what is Alternative Facts actually about?

Yep. The Frogs don't take themselves too seriously and I suspect that will show strongly in the game itself.

The game is 20 bucks in Print, 40 if you add the expansion deck. Might be a fun game for some downtime at a Con or some after dinner drinks with family and friends. Or maybe skip the drinking... heh


  1. No need to skip the drinking, it still works. We playtested that aspect.

  2. Ugh. No more drinking for me for a while. Sounds cool though.


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