Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kickstarter - Winter Eternal - Tabletop RPG Adventure Module

Where to start?

Let's see. Winter Eternal is a 1e / 5e adventure set in Fail Squad Games +Lloyd Metcalf 's ) Lands of Lunacy setting (although it can be used without such setting)

Lloyd's track record as a small press publisher on Kickstarter is impeccable. Seriously. On time or early. Excellent production values.

He's also a "one man show" doing the writing, art, layout... All Lloyd, all the time. Unless family jumps in.

Pricing is reasonable: I'm in at $15 plus shipping for Signed full color Print of the 1e version. Shit, its practically a Kickstarter impulse buy ;)

The details:
Winter Eternal - (Bring a Cleric) 
Is the first Lands of Lunacy Release from Fail Squad Games. This adventure is designed as a one-off adventure in the Lands of Lunacy Setting. 
It is expected that you will have the Lands of Lunacy Setting Guide when you play this adventure. fitting it in without the setting is easy enough, if you skip over all the fun challenges of playing the Lands of Lunacy.  
Have no fear, there are bundles where you can get your copy WITH the Winter Eternal adventure if you need one. 
This adventure puts the cleric (Or divine character) in the driver's seat. While not necessary, it is more fun with a cleric! 
How does it fit in?

Like all Lands of Lunacy adventures, seamlessly into any world. This particular quest begins when your heroes stumble across a mysterious bit of treasure. A Crystalline globe, with bits of snow swirling around an icy tower at the center of a lake inside.
Full Color!

Winter Eternal is moving into the world of FULL COLOR maximum quality printing. The paper quality is heavier, the feel is better, and the color hops off the page. This does eat into the FSG profits a bit, but allows us to bring print quality to a maximum.


  1. Thanks, it looks good backed at 20 dollar level for setting and adventure! And then taking it into my expanding S&W game.

    1. It's the perfect thing for sidequests, or when you are missing players on game night.


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