Tuesday, January 24, 2017

State of The Tavern Keeper - Tomorrow is a "Do Nothing Day" - Which means All I do is Gaming / Tavern Related

Strangely enough, tomorrow is my first "Do Nothing Day" of 2017. Actually, I think its the first day I'm home for most of the day in 2017. Even then, its "take the car for its yearly inspection and an oil change" but its STILL a "Do Nothing Day" - so I'm going to do lots of "somethings".

The early morning is blocked out with a morning post and then finishing an overdue project (and dropping off the car - sunny and 5 degrees, I'll enjoy the walk home)

Late morning through noonish - more project writing and catching up on communications. God, I am far behind on reading emails.

Afternoon? Post research - I'm really down on posting so far this year and its due to lack of free time - hoping to get a bunch of stuff started.

So yeah, Do Nothing, Do Lots of Somethings ;)

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