Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kickstarter - Off The Beaten Path - Forest Excursions (System Neutral and SWL Flavors)

Yes, your read the post title correctly - Off The Beaten Path - Forest Excursions comes in both a system neutral version and a Swords & Wizardry Light version. How cool is that?

+Thom Wilson does some great work and he's not new to Kickstarter, but with Off The Beaten Path he's upped his game - a minimum of twenty single or double page forest adventures to use as side quests or stand-alone adventures - more if certain stretch goals are hit.

Pledges start at $9 for Print copies. (PDFs are only available to Patreon Backers) Minimum 24 pages. All 20 adventures are already written. It just needs to go to print. If you like the cover and would like a copy without the title to frame, it's 5 bucks. Yeah, I'm getting that too. (in at $45 plus $5 for the cover print)

Now, just a heads up. Thom is putting aside 1% of the sales of the Swords & Wizardry Light flavored book to fund further work on SWL here at The Tavern. I'm flattered just to be thought of. Huzzah!

Below are the stretch goals. I wouldn't mind seeing some adventures added :)


  1. I really dig things like this - 1-2 pages of hooks + a bit of material that easily mixes into any campaign regardless of system. Love the cover art too. Travis Hanson does some good stuff - excited for Life of the Party by him.

  2. Looks cool, but I'd only want/need the PDFs. I am going to check out his Patreon though. Do you know if the versions there are the system-neutral one's or SWL?

    1. Hell, who am I kidding. It's $14 shipped. If they are good, I can support his Patreon too...

  3. That cover is awesome! Bewildered, confused, surrounded by interesting encounters. Watch out for the evil foxes. . .

  4. I backed the SW Light version. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one.


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