Saturday, September 17, 2016

Deal of the Day - Designers & Dragons: The 70s (A History of RPGs - The First Decade)

I can not speak highly enough of the Designers & Dragons series of books. As a gamer and a history major, they give such an enjoyably read on our hobby and it's history.

I have the whole series in print and PDF and I'm due to give it a second read through. That's the whole series, not just the first part.

For the next 18 hours or so, Designers & Dragons: The 70s, is on sale for $3.75 (normally $7.50) in PDF, Kindle and Nook formats and $28.75 (normally $35) if you want it in Hard Cover, Print, Kindle and Nook formats.

Let me warn you. You may not be able to stop with just the 70s. I suspect you will find yourself coming back for the rest of the series. It really is that good.

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Designers & Dragons: The ’70s is a comprehensive picture of the beginnings of the RPG industry. This second edition expands the original single book into a series of four, and we’ve added over 50,000 new words to this volume alone. Learn about the colorful history of TSR and the wave of D&D inspired games (and gaming companies) to follow, and dip your toes into wargaming trivia. Regardless of your gaming background, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched history won’t disappoint. 
In this volume, you’ll find: 
A foreword by Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha and author of King Arthur Pendragon
Profiles for thirteen 1970s gaming companies including TSR, GDW, and Chaosium 
The inside scoop behind games like D&D, Traveller, and The Fantasy Trip
Ten things you might not know about roleplaying in the ’70s 
An extensive bibliography and index 
Meet the characters behind the characters and the gamers behind the games in Designers & Dragons: The ’70s!  
Contains PDF, Kindle, and Nook file formats.


  1. Published by Evil Hat. Weren't they involved in gamer gate somehow?

    1. I read it for the content, not the politics of the publisher


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