Friday, September 16, 2016

Tavern on Tap - What's Coming Up the Week of September 17 thru September 23, 2016

I figured it would be a wise thing to give The Tavern's readers an idea of what's coming up in the following week. This morning at 0605 AM marked 6 month since I walked out the door at work for the last time. Now is as a good time to start organizing things as any other time ;)

Some of you may have noticed there is now a left side column on The Tavern's page with links. There will be more changes in the weeks and months to come. This was one of the early ones and stuff is going to move around a bit. Hopefully the final result will be a more organized site. If not, I'm sure folks will be happy to point out the deficiencies.

Early in the week there will be a review of Event Horizon for the White Star RPG. I'm enjoying my read through very much. I'm looking forward to writing this review and I'm tempted to run it for a session or three around Halloween. Alternating Friday nights. First calls will go out to my 2 regular gaming groups and if there are any open slots I'll put a call out here. I'll also post session reports. More on that later.

We'll also be kicking off the Creator Spotlight Series of posts. Who's first? Ain't telling. I will say I am aiming for 2 posts a week in the series, at least initially. As always, you can always add further suggestions to the original post and as comments to the ongoing series of posts.

No, we didn't forget about the poll for the Swords & Wizardry Light Thief class naming. That post should go live fairly early in the week and the poll will probably be on the top of the page.

What else? More reviews. More "news". More thoughts. Simply "moar" ;)

Seriously, there are things I can plan out in advance, but The Tavern is almost a "stream of consciousness" sort of experience, so much of it won't be known till I post it, even to me :)

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  1. Cool. I have "Event Horizon" the movie queued up and ready to go for my annual horror movie marathon.


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