Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kickstarter - The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign (1e / 5e)

I've enjoyed reading the Roslof Keep Campaign, as I have the 6 installments from prior Kickstarters.

Now they are offering the the 6 installments as a single hardcover complete with Jeff Easley art. My God, so tempting.

Heck, it even has an orange spine (although my core 1e books were from an age prior to the orange spine, it's a nice touch.

If you haven't picked up the Roslof Keep Campaign yet, here's your chance to grab it in a single, 128 page hardcover book.

If you already have the six installments, the Jeff Easley art may just push you over that edge ;)
The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign is a mega-dungeon compiled from Folio’s 1-6 in both 1st Edition & 5th Edition fantasy gaming formats. It encapsulates the struggle of your characters joining the Company of the Ivory Scimitar as they take on the dangers of a ‘living’ dungeon in hopes of finding the key to immortality. Six detailed levels broken down in both 3D and 2D (classic blue) maps help spin a story of adventure, struggle, martial prowess, and ingenuity in doing something no other adventuring company has ever been able to do, defeat the Infernal Machine that drives the dungeon. 
This unabridged version will be include 6 gazetteers, 6 adventures, 6 mini-adventures to flesh out the campaign, Races of the Nameless Realms supplement, and 2 character sheets (one each for 1E & 5E). Our goal is to attempt to replicate the 128 page format of the old TSR ‘orange bound’ AD&D series of hardcovers from the early 1980s (Stranger Things anyone?), and like those hardcovers this will be covered with brand new commission artwork by artist Jeff Easley who did all those covers.

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