Friday, September 16, 2016

Deal of the Day - Cryptworld (Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter)

Today's Deal of the Day is Cryptworld from Goblinoid Games' Pacesetter label.

Cryptword uses the same system that players of the classic Pacesetter games like Timemaster and Chill! should remember fondly.

Normally $7.95, for the next 22 hours it's on sale for $4.77

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CRYPTWORLD is a horror role-playing game in which you investigate and hunt the forces of the unexplained. The Crypt Master may design any world of horror he desires. Classic horror, slasher horror, alien menaces from the stars and inter-dimensional monsters. These horrors and more may greet you in CRYPTWORLD
CRYPTWORLD is a role-playing game complete in one volume. 
In this book you will find:
Rules for character generation
Optional paranormal talents
Creatures covering multiple horror genres
Advice for running horror games
An introductory adventure
...and more! 
CRYPTWORLD is the new official Pacesetter brand horror RPG, the Pacesetter horror brand successor, and is fully compatible with other Pacesetter SystemTM titles such as MAJUS, TIMEMASTER, and ROTWORLD.


  1. This is definitely worth picking up. Anyone that does can get a lot of great supplemental material from author, Tim Snider, at The Savage Afterworld (http://savageafterworld.blogspot.com/).

  2. It's a great game!

    (Disclosure: I have some critters in the Things supplement.)


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