Friday, September 16, 2016

Update - Disclosures ARE Good :)

I think we can safely say that the latest mini-tempest in this hobby of ours has been brought to it's positive conclusion.

Over the past weekend, there was pushback over on ENWorld (to the point where a long time poster was blocked) over Sean Fannon's outright refusal to declare his use of affiliate links in his Sean's Pick's posts.

Well, I guess Sean saw things differently after giving it further thought. I applaud him for his decision to disclose his affiliate links in a manner total appropriate.

From this morning's Sean's Picks post:

I tip my hat to Sean in respect.

Changes like this and the prominent labeling of Sponsored Content at ENWorld wouldn't have happened if the community weren't vocal, and you were. Well done.


  1. What was the long time poster's comment that got him blocked? Is it possible for you to provide a screenshot?

    1. ...that gets you blocked? Another reason Enworld is a Shit Show run by balloon-eating clowns.

    2. Technically just ignore-listed by Sean (which evidently also blocks any news articles he posts), but yeah. That's it. Not banned.

  2. Well Erik your chosen career path makes you follow a higher standard of ethics and morals and I salute you for that.

  3. Props to Sean for giving it full consideration, despite his initial negative responses. It goes a long way towards upping public perception of his integrity when he's willing to set aside his emotions on the issue. As far as I recall, most people talking about it (myself included) took no issue with the affiliate links and such, only the concealment of it.

    Also, as a community at large, if we're going to call people on their missteps, we should also point out when they make amends. Thank you Erik for leading the way in this. You are to be praised for reporting on the entire event, not just the negative start of it.


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