Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bundle of Holding - Dragon Warriors

I have very vivid memories of the Dragon Warriors RPG. No I never owned the game I saw constantly in ads in Dragon Magazine back in the 80s but my God, how I wanted it. The fact that it came in 3 paperback sized books made it seem even more exciting (if less practical than a full sized, traditional RPG book - but I was a teenage damnit!)

Yeah, I never got those paperback books, but Dragon Warriors is still a thing, available on RPGNow and even Bundle of Holding.

Yes, there is a Dragon Warriors Bundle of Holding:

The Starter Collection includes Dragon Warriors, Dragon Warriors Players Guide and Knight's and Miller's Tales for $12.95 in PDF.

If you go for the Bonus Collection (currently $20.43), you get the above plus Dragon Warriors Bestiary, Friends or Foes, Cold Fury, Prince of Darkness, Sleeping Gods and The Elven Crystals.

I suspect I'll be a teenager again, even if its only to read what I missed the first time around.


  1. I have the physical copies of this set, it's a good set of adventures. I liked the mechanics and flavor, especially how armor and shields were treated. Roll to hit, shields can roll to deflect and then roll to pierce armor, then deal static damage. The sorceror was pretty cool too.

  2. I'll be honest, I find the paperback RPG rulebooks to be 100% more practical than the letter-sized rulebooks.

  3. Would this bundle be worth my time and money then?


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