Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kickstarter - Threadbare RPG: A stitchpunk tabletop role-playing game

"Plushie or plastic, mate?" In Threadbare RPG, you play a jury-rigged toy in a broken, stitched-together world.

Generally, I'm not big on plushies. Wait, that didn't sound right. What i man is, I'm not a huge fan of gaming with dolls. Er, that could be taken as sexist. Listen, since I've started gaming with my 5 year old niece, I'm more open to stuffed animals and dolls in my gaming. Of course, Pinky doesn't play with dolls, but I digress.

The 15 dollar buy in for print and PDF is what sold me. It's definitely at that impulse buy price point. Well, that and I think the lass will enjoy the artwork. She is a very fearless five year old that wanted to stab things in No Thank You Evil! (and then wound up sneaking) It will be interesting to see if her thoughts of violence return with plush...

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