Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Black Hack RPG Licensing Guidelines Have Been Offered to the Community by David Black

+David Black reached out to me earlier today to let me know that he has posted guidelines for the community to follow if they wish to indicate that a supplement or rules set uses The Black Hack as it's basis. 

I'm going to repeat David's post here with his permission as well as link to today's post on his blog.
3RD Party TBH 
There's been a tonne of really creative and inventive uses of TBH as an 'engine' which i'm really digging and totally happy about. People have been kindly emailing me their drafts, and enquiring about what they want to do - but some haven't (which isn't an issue, mind you). But it prompts me to think now is a good time to publicly make everyone aware of how I want to approach 3rd party content that wants to reference TBH
The TBH rules are OGL, so you can totally use them for whatever purpose you want. The name 'The Black Hack' and the Hand logo aren't, however. But having said that, in the spirit of DIY gaming I want you to modify, create supplements and spawn spinoffs. Its what its all about. So if you want to create a supplement/module/hack, and if you want to use the name 'The Black Hack' - here's how you should go about it: 
Email me at david@8bitfactory.co.uk for a set of high resolution hand logos. Freebies?!? Kinda. 
If it's a supplement (ie you need TBH to use it), somewhere on the cover you need the hand logo and the text 'For use with The Black Hack
If it's a standalone product (The opposite of above), somewhere on the cover you need the hand logo and the text 'Made using The Black Hack
 Any questions just get in touch! 


  1. Good to see the Hacker-in-Chief providing some clear usage guidelines. TBH is certainly spawning quite a few supplements and hacks with more popping up all the time.

  2. This seems like a good way to go for my project (not TBH related, but 5e derived) as well, and also gives great 101 advice for what to protect and trademark. Thanks, David, for this "advice by example."


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