Saturday, May 14, 2016

Contessa Needs a Technically Skilled Volunteer - Males MAY Apply

It's long been known that men in perceived positions of authority or influence are unwelcome at Contessa. Well, that's apparently changed and I'm glad to see it.

Stacey is looking for some technical help with the Contessa website and I'm happy to add to the bandwidth. No, I was not asked directly, but I figure with something as positive as this is, I can put aside personal issues momentarily. I know many of my readers are technically inclined, and The Tavern is very much male appendage heavy, so it's doubtful many of you have seen the Facebook announcement previously (I was asked by a reader to share and share I will):

Almost all the volunteer help I've gotten for ConTessa is in the administrative/event growing/marketing/promotional help category, which is great and needed, but for them to do that stuff, I have to be able to provide them with stuff to work with.  
I've been spending so much time doing the nitty gritty, I'm failing on the higher level organizational tasks. I'm overwhelmed and juggling too much. I need help, and I'm ready to admit I can't be picky about gender. All the women with tech experience I know have so much going on they can't help out, and none of the women who have graciously volunteered to help have the skillset necessary.  
What I need help with:  
- Updating pages on the website. (Squarespace)  
- Adding new pages to the website for new events, promotions, and most especially for fundraising help. (Squarespace as well, this requires some design knowledge to take text and make it into a designed web experience.) 
- Prepping text and images for social media. (We use both raster and vector graphics, and have an inventory of purchased stock art).  
- Graphic design. (I enjoy doing this a LOT, but maybe do it too much) 
- Social media. (G+, Facebook, Twitter) 
So, this is to everyone - guys and girls - who's told me before they want to help. If you can fill some of these holes, it'd keep me from drowning. You should have technical knowledge in doing these things, and the time to donate I'd say no more than 5-10 hours a week.  
I can not stress enough that I need someone who is technical. We may well get into the nitty gritty of building our our own events app, and just from a day-to-day standpoint, I need someone who understands how to use CSS at the very least. It's also best if you have experience with Squarespace (or are confident enough you can learn it on your own), as I don't have time to train anyone.  
I need someone who can take direction, but who's also willing to offer their own creative insights. I'm very picky about how ConTessa is portrayed, and will often ask for several revisions on projects until I find what I like.  
Inquire within, or shoot me an email at stacy@contessa.rocks.

Before you know it, Contessa may actually allow male GMs...


  1. "I'm ready to admit I can't be picky about gender."

    Welcome to the state of being inclusive...

  2. So no men allowed, but if I'm really desperate I'll lower my standards? I hope she gets the help she needs, but personally I wouldn't be inclined to volunteer in what could legitimately be considered a hostile work environment.

  3. yeah, no, I think I will pass... volunteer to get crapped on because of my gender... hhmmmm... I think she would have to pay a MALE for that

  4. So I guess this statement of purpose "ConTessa is a completely online (done through Google Hangouts) gaming convention run exclusively by women, but open to anyone to attend." will no longer hold true if a male provides some of the volunteer effort. I hope that any male that volunteers his technical assistance will be acknowledged by Contessa.

    I'm sure she'll get the help she needs, and I think I understand the motivation behind having only female GMs to help encourage females take on more central positions to the hobby. However, her attacks on others making efforts to make gaming more inclusive to females seems self-serving. Telling others that not only are they doing it wrong, but that their attempts are wrong because of their gender sounds a lot like she's trying to mark her territory and keep competitors out. Why else would she need to try to bring down others rather than stay focused on building Contessa up.

    1. " I think I understand the motivation behind having only female GMs to help encourage females take on more central positions to the hobby."

      I think it's better to encourage women to GM for groups including men, rather than make them think that male players are too scary to GM for. Also shows male players that women can be good GMs, if anyone doubts it.

  5. I think there is a large market out there for a gaming site aimed at women that doesn't carry the identity politics bullshit. Considering a majority of the hobby is made up of men that means a lot of girls get into the hobby via men and I think having a site that is designed around that prism would be really great. But, I'm not going to help someone who a few weeks ago would have rejected me because of my sex and has this belief in separate but equal that I find disgusting.

  6. Alert, Alert, FEMBOTs need repair, Alert. FEMBOTs need a man. Alert. Alert.

  7. You want to chase women out of gaming?
    Point out their failings at every chance. Ridicule them for wanting to try it on their own. Then ridicule them when they try it not on their own.

    In other words, set the field so they can't possibly have fun.

    1. I don't think Contessa or Stacy represent all women in gaming. There is no harm in pointing out hypocrisy where it exists, especially in terms of trying to be diverse, inclusive, and welcoming.

      People would not be reacting they way they are if prior attitudes and conduct were different. Especially now, where a big deal was made of it being done without any male involvement in running it, but now having to relent and be inclusive.

    2. I didn't say chase ALL women out of gaming. But this is definitely how you chase women out of gaming.

      The lashback against Contessa is starting to sound like any other "anti-SJW" pile-on as promoted by Vox Day and Jeffro Johnson.

    3. Criticism of Contessa and how it is being run can be valid without resorting to the lazy deflection that it is Vox Day-speak or anti-SJWism. Making those sort of accusations just makes it hard to actually point out when something is wrong or worthy of criticism.

    4. Agree with Steven. Although you can and should be legitimately anti-SJW, SJWs are bad.

      I guess if you conflate all somewhat anti-male Feminists like Stacey D with SJWs, that would be bad; I don't agree with Stacey's ideology but she is not an SJW and SJWs have viciously attacked her in the past.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. S'mon: I've been labelled a "SJW" on a few dozen occasions. The bad behaviour that I should be shamed for according to this is

      - defending transgender gamers
      - calling out someone for stating that non-consensual sex is not rape
      - calling out someone for stating that marital rape isn't possible because marriage is an unrevocable sexual contract
      - donating money to a rape crisis centre
      - pointing out that making all female NPCs in a setting average at six points lower in stats than male NPCs is a pretty sexist way to look at the game world.
      - voting for the Liberal party
      - voting for the NDP
      - not enjoying rape jokes
      - not enjoying racist jokes
      - defending someone when people called him racist names

      So far, I don't see why "SJWs are bad" as this is the behaviour that gets me labelled a SJW.

  8. How are Stacy and the women involved in Contessa NOT women again?


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