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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stock Art Madness Has Revived My Muse - Last Few Hours to Get Purple Duck Stock Art at 50% Off

It occurred to me that today might be Canada Day (it is) and that meant that the Purple Duck Everything is 50% off Sale would be ending tonightish and I need stock art.

So, I bought a ton of stock art from +Purple Duck Games and then poked around a few other companies.

Some samples (BTW, as I use stock art on here at The Tavern, I'll link to where you can find it at RPGNow - today it's just a sampling of what is awakening my muse.)

Gary Dupuis from Purple Duck Games
 Maciej Zagorski from Forge Studios

I've got plans for these and more. Let's see what I can get to after dinner and before Tavern Chat later tonight.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I was not aware of the sale. I went and picked up a handful of Purple Duck art. I already have some forge studios stuff, and will buy more, I really like it and really need to remember to use it in my stuff :D


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