Monday, June 29, 2015

Kickstarter - Age Past Dungeon Keep RPG Set

Where to start on Age Past Dungeon Keep RPG Set?

I guess the video. News flash - video of bacon cooking cutting into the rest of the video isn't "cool" or "hip" - it's fucking annoying. Oh, and the video is over 10 minutes long. No one cares enough to watch the whole thing. Really. If you go past 2 minutes for the hook video you've lost your fish.

Now, look at the absolute clutter in the pic above. Not a good pic. It does point one important thing out - lack of grid or scale. If you want lightweight WITH scale, you have Blue Dungeon Tiles. Laminate that can be written on with dry erase. Basically, coated paper with a grid.
There has always been a disconnect.  RPGs are paper products, essentially always apart from the tabletop aspect of the game, and most accessories are made from physical materials such as plastic and metal.  The same people making one are not usually great at making the other.  We have seen many solutions, some good, some bad, and many are very expensive.  We need something new.  Something that works.  Something that anyone can take anywhere he goes... but, it has to be elegant and sleek, and it has to work.  Something totally bacon.
What the fuck is it with "bacon?" I love bacon. I don't refer to non-bacon products as bacon. Is this something regional?

close up doesn't look any less cluttered
 Hey. Look, for 10 bucks you can get and Age Past RPG which isnt mentioned anywhere else on the page except the rewards (it was the previous Kickstarter tho.) Talking about the rewards - how many choices? Too many. It's confusing.

Listen, I'm no going to bother with the vetting here. If for some reason you want laser woodburning to map out your dungeons on your table, this is your choice. Probably your only one. There are better choices for the rest of us.


  1. All of these dungeon tile sets/concepts look neat (well, except maybe this one) but they are terrible to deploy in actual play. Nothing comes close to the Paizo square grid maps or a decent roll-out square/hex-grid map with a set of erasable markers.

    1. Not for me. I use tiles to show only what the PCs can currently see. I pull off the pieces they can no longer see, slide the tiles over, and add the parts they can now see. I find that works much better for me than drawing and erasing. I can usually get by with a smaller table too.

      I haven’t used the Paizo maps, but they don’t look nearly as flexible to me.

  2. I'd say the creative of the video was to capitalise on the hipster/reddit trend of beards and bacon. internet points, barrista coffee and cat video's. Unfortunately I don't think its hit that mark, not committing strongly enough to the creative - alongside a meandering video, leaves me underwhelmed and slightly confused. Cut it down to 3 minutes or under, go harder with the creative or lose it entirely.

  3. Meh...someone spent a buttload of cash on an Epilog laser and is desperate to try and find out how to recoup some of the money.

    One thing I'd buy the hell out of, and had in the past, is (relatively) inexpensive hardboard bases for my minis. Cheap & easy to knock-out with the laser.....

  4. If a Kickstarter video is going to be ten minutes long, it should at least include that fat bottom Italian babe from the cardboard gaming table fiasco.

    1. Thanks for the reminder...havent watched that video in awhile, time to revisit my favorite spicy Italian meatball.....mmmmmm, momma mia!

    2. Thanks for the reminder...havent watched that video in awhile, time to revisit my favorite spicy Italian meatball.....mmmmmm, momma mia!

  5. You forgot to include the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1625564009/age-past-dungeon-keep-rpg-set

  6. I agree, this is not playable terrain -- lack of scale aside, there is also the fact that most of the pieces are placed loose on the tabletop... it's just begging for shouting matches about where things were before the table was bumped.

  7. My battle mat is mostly to keep the table clean from greasy potato chips, spilled beer and the occasional glazed doughnut. I haven't used minis since 4e.


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