Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Far West - Missed May Self Imposed Deadline - Now Missing June - Welcome to July

He's the Man with the hands - Red Hands

Ask me if I care about Far West anymore?

No, seriously, ask me.

Okay, no, I don't fucking care anymore except to see:

a - how late it will finally be

b- how shitty the final product will be

c - if and when the physical product actually ships (I'm doubtful on this)

d - if my portrait is the worst in the book

So, here we are in July 2015. My money is on November 2015 for the PDF and I'll be well into retirement before I ever see a physical copy - if I do.

But hey, Gareth is looking for recommendations from other RPG creators in the industry to fluff up his profile. Good luck sir.


  1. Do you care about Far West anymore?

  2. Erik, I'm curious. Do you care about Far West anymore?

  3. But the real question, the one everybody wants to ask but won't: Does Erik still care about Far West anymore?

  4. I've really just about given up on seeing this at all, and chalking this up as my first serious loss of cash on Kickstarter. I don't think the money exists to print copies of it, and I am not sure even if the manuscript is even done (if it were, even in a 90% rough draft, why not release it for us to see?). If anything, the dribbles and drabs we have been given are probably all that truly exist in a finished state.


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