Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Empire of the Petal Throne - Back on the Shelf

When I picked up my copy of Empire of the Petal Throne on eBay a few years back I got it for a very good price - around $125 or so - and although the box was slightly crushed it was still in it's original wrap. Yes, my copy was unopened - for about 5 minutes after it arrived.

I opened it and marveled at the pristine contents of the box, much as I did yesterday when I came across it while reorganizing my game collection. I must confess, I've yet to read the game itself, but I do love the presentation. The cover art for the box is top notch and a true eye catcher.

The maps are vibrant, even 40 years after printing, and the paper is thicker than I would expect. I could easily find myself using these maps with other RPGs if it weren't for the fact that they are so damn collectible. Ah well.

There are 2 sets of reference sheets included in my box. One is slightly discolored, as i suspect it was the one constantly rubbing the rulebook or maps whenever the box was moved (and especially in shipping.)

The rulebook, which I forgot to take a picture of, use comb binding. I'm not sure how well the pages would stand up to repeated use, but it looks like it would make for a pleasurable reading experience.

Ah well, back to the shelf for another year or two...


  1. Read it! Or buy the $11 PDF on DT and READ IT!

    1. Or the $25 HOG reprint at Tita's House of Games.

    2. I need to check if Tita's still has the reprint of EPT. I was lucky to get the reprints of Swords & Glory 1 and 2 (Tekumel Sourcebook and Player's Guide) before they sold out...

  2. I seem to recall that the maps of the EPT boxed set were printed on Tyvek, which would explain why they remain so vibrant 4 decades later.

  3. The box cover illustration is actually a map of the main city of the game. Jakalla or something like that.

  4. If you aren't reading it or playing it, why buy it at all?

  5. One of my best Con experiences was playing in a EPT game -- I had no clue about the system or the world, but the GM did a great job of explaining enough so I could roll with it and have a blast!

  6. From personal experience, the comb binding started chewing the pages almost immediately.

  7. From personal experience, the comb binding started chewing the pages almost immediately.


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