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Kickstarter - Nuclear War Card Game 50th Anniversary Edition

My God but we played the SHIT out of Nuclear War in my college gaming days. Couldn't get enough players together for a D&D session? Nuclear War and Chaos Marauders were our go to games.

Blow up the world and everyone loses? Sign me up!

30 bucks for the 50th Anniversary Edition, which has already funded in about 3 day. It's by Flying Buffalo. No brainer, right?

Well, Rick says estimated delivery is December 2015, but then hedges his bets:
I have been in the game business for 45 years, so I am confident that I can manage this project. However there are always many possibilities for delay. The dates I have picked for completion are only estimates. (I repeat - these are not promised delivery dates. They are only estimates. Doing a good job on the artwork takes time. )
So, it's an estimated date and don't hold him to it.

Why would Rich need to say that? Why not simply pick an estimated ship date further out?
Also, I am still in the process of finishing my (much delayed) Tunnels & Trolls project. The final book is not quite finished, but many of the rewards have already been mailed out...
Nobody backed for a T&T pencil or whatever else was mailed out. None of it is memorable. What is memorable is the 6 copies of dT&T that will be 2 years late next month.

Until I have what I actually backed and was due two years ago, I'll need to pass on this and wait for retail. Besides, this one has already funded. Maybe these funds will expedite dT&T. One can only hope.


  1. Amen brutha. I just looked over my pledge level (First Citizen of Khazan) and have got a fraction of the stuff. And I don't care. I just want the book, please. Here's hoping this will help. I've been a patient troll...

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  3. My mate reckons he can smell Kickstarter cross-funding. He says usual story... got distracted by the stretch goals... didn't allow enough for postage in the first place... stretch goals that nobody wanted in the first place delay the whole project... postage costs rise significantly in the meantime... shit, all the money's gone... start a new Kickstarter for something, anything, to raise the money to pay the fulfillment costs for the original Kickstarter.

  4. Given the precisely nothing has been done so far other than a jpeg mockup of a play mat, I would say that December 2015 is pure fantasy... and that means there's a risk it turns into a "fund my life while I try and make it work" Kickstarter as well. As it has funded, definitely one to wait for retail.

  5. While I too am still waiting for my Deluxe T&T Kickstarter, that wooden box with the built in spinner sure is tempting...

    1. Don't give in to the dark side, John. You could wait years for that "premium spinner". This one has "Appendix N" written all over it.

  6. Who is Rick/Rich? Why isn't Ken St Andre the T&T guy?

  7. Rick Loomis is the owner of Flying Buffalo and is the producer of T&T and most of it's supplements since the 70's. He's been in business since the early days.

    One thing that should be mentioned is that Rick already successfully ran and fulfilled a Kickstarter prior to DT&T, unlike other persons who seem to hop from crowd funding project to project. I don't think Flying Buffalo can be lumped into the common characteristics of that crowd.

    See previous completed Kickstarter here: http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/ace.htm

    How I see it is that DT&T is probably one breath away from completion and will be shipping shortly, so Rick is in a position and feels comfortable in starting his next project.

    Just to make it clear so it doesn't appear as if I'm talking out my ***, I wasn't a backer on the Ace of Aces KS, but did back DT&T.

  8. I will be over the moon to be proved wrong, but anyone who launches a new Kickstarter before the previous one has finished, having completed precisely nothing of the new one, invites suspicion.

    Ask yourself, "What would Kevin Crawford do?"

    1. Here's the thing, every thing else attatched to this project IS completed. Many already have these items in their hands.

      All that is left is the physical printing of the rule book.

      You should check the DT&T KS comments page for the latest news. Steve has stated we should expect the pdf of the rules within days.

      So, double check to see that you have your moon boots on (:

    2. Actually, the only thing of import is the rulebook itself. All the other crap is not what I backed for.

      Sending a pencil does not stop the clock on 2 years overdue

    3. And as I just pointed out, you should have a pdf in days. I would then expect the print version to follow shortly.

      Tsk,tsk Tenkar, I don't hear you railing about Appendix N any more. That one's way past 2 years over due (I think it's 3 years) and most backer's don't have a thing to show for it.

    4. John is late as shit. I've pointed that out in the past. And yes, John hit me early with the first wave and I've seen nothing since. He's also an amateur.

      Rick is, my his own admission, a pro.

      All I have from Rick is shit I couldnt give a shit about - pencils, tattoos and other stuff.

      Awesome - I'll be getting the PDF 2 years late. Will I get 7 copies of the PDF to share with my gaming group?

      I thought Gareth was a pro before he ran a Kickstarter - he was nice enough to prove me wrong. Will FBI have print copies ready for Gen Con? I'm not hopeful.

      I realize not everyone can be Kevin Crawford or Zach Glazer, but anything hitting 2 years late has nothing to crow about.

      BTW, John hasn't done a Kickstarter since Appendix N

    5. No, but John's products from the KS have been on the shelves of your FLGS for over a year. Truthfully, I've lost track of how screwed up the time frame on this project has been. You can even order the Adventure Bundle #1 through Amazon for crying out loud. This KS continues to be a huge disappointment.

      I cannot say the same thing about DT&T. Every backer now has pdf's of the 1st and 4th editions of the rules, not to mention the adventurers compendium of solos originally found in The Sorcerors Apprentice magazine. Most people would never have seen this stuff if it wasn't for the KS. They have also given T&T fans exactly what they've been harping about for ages, an official Trollworld map with history and specific game locations. Honestly, this KS has delivered on every thing that was asked except it's time frame.

      Of course, that doesn't mean every one has to be happy about it. But, comparing DT&T to Appendix N and how the projects continue to be managed is like comparing fresh red apples to oranges that have spoiled and started to grow funk on them while sitting on the shelf of your FLGS even though you paid extra for shipping to have them delivered to you quicker yet you still have nothing three years later.

      Quite frankly, I've lost my taste for oranges. I most likely will never eat an orange again. I think I'll stick with apples.

  9. This one looks great but I'm not breaking my rule of funding a KS from someone who still has outstanding obligations. Too many bad memories and burns from reaching into that fire.

  10. Yah, I'm in. I've been buying from Flying Buffalo since the 80s (Back when play by mail meant, actual mail with stamps). No point in stopping now. ;-)

  11. Is "we're not as late as those other guys" really an argument in favor of someone?

    1. Since you did not seem to know who Rick Loomis was, I doubt you were familiar with the card game Nuclear War before Erik brought it up. So, I am not arguing for favor over anyone. I am arguing against lumping Flying Buffalo into the same "shell moving game" crowd that other KS fall under- including Brave Halfling.

      Despite what Tenkar would lead you to believe, FB is a small company very much on the same scale as Brave Halfling.

      Without getting into all the details, DT&T morphed into a much larger project then originally planned. It went from a minor revamp and update of the rules (probably running around 100+ pages) to a 300+ page tome. Most of the set backs were out of Ricks control. Beyond that, this is no doubt to be the Fellowships last hurrah- their Magnum Opus.

    2. Since your reading skills are insufficient for you to notice that I asked who Rick/Rich was, as no surname was mentioned, I doubt you'd be able to surmise much at all. Given your defense of inability to fulfill promises, I doubt anything from you in general now.

    3. Clearly, the questionable skills at reading comprehension falls in your park. Erik posted about a KS by Flying Buffalo, then went on to discuss points made by its creator. Anyone who is familiar with Flying Buffalo and their products can make the simple deduction that is Rick Loomis.

      Earlier I attempted to politely answer your question who Rick was. But it seems nothing more really need to be said since you obviously do not have the full capacity for rational thought or discussion.

      There's an old saying, "Only a fool argues with a fool".


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