Thursday, July 2, 2015

How the Hell is a 7 Year Old PDF Marked Down to $30.70 a Deal of the Day? (Mini Rant)

Corporation was released on RPGNow in May of 2008.

Feel free to charge $47 for a seven year old PDF, but marking it down to 31 bucks does not make it the Deal of the Day. And don't anyone say "It's $47 because of all the pages!" 256 pages is pretty standard for a game book these days and 31 bucks is still overprices by about a factor of three.

This Deal of the Day shit seems to be a way to squeeze some extra cash out of old, overpriced RPGs. Sure, there have been some exceptions, but they have been few and far between. Most of it is "Here's some old shit you didn't want before but maybe you'll want now!"

Still, I guess Corporation is as good a title as any for organized robbery ;)

(edit - they are figuring the sale price from the Hard Cover price, not the PDF)

(edit edit: Sale price $15.33, Deal Price $30.70? - deal for WHO?)


  1. That's an absurd price for a game I've never even heard of.

  2. Individual companies submit the game they want to be Deal of the Day, and what price they want to sell it at. you have to wait your turn, and smaller companies with fewer sales have to wait longer, but it's a powerful marketing tool. It's also fairly new, and most companies haven't gotten more than one deal yet 9and several haven't even had their first deal run), so I suspect most companies are still trying to decide what to do with it.

  3. . . . I think I got my hardback copy of that game for less than what they're charging for the PDF. Yikes. And a shame, too, as it's basically "Syndicate" the RPG - at a different price point and with better exposure it has/had a chance to be a niche success. It always seemed to be chasing the old pre-POD, big publisher model though, right down to an impressive amount of splat-book churn despite the game's relative size. I'm betting the prices are a part of that - it very, very much seems keyed to the price point of quote unquote "real" rpg publishers like WoTC, OP, Catalyst or the like.

    Again, sad though, because SYNDICATE THE RPG - how many cyberpunkers cut their teeth on those games?

  4. The math is wrong....that is not 60% off. Looks to me like something is glitching (badly) on their listing...I've seen this happen before.

    Anyway it's currently listing the price as $15.32. I've never been quite able to take the leap and buy a copy of Corporation, though....maybe if they did a deal for $5.

  5. All I see is irony. The title, and the subject matter...

  6. The sale is over and the PDF is now $54.79, with hardcovers starting at 79.39 up to 142.97. Something must be wrong with the automated system.


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