Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Behind the Bar - Tweaks and Forthcoming Content

June was a bear of a month. After I returned from NTRPG Con my free time was literally at a premium - time and a half because the bureau realized it didn't spend enough overtime during the previous 11 months.

Over the next few days were are FINALLY going to award the Post 5k / NTRPG Con gifts to all those that are waiting, although anything that requires  trip to the post office will have to wait on next weekend to finally ship.

It may seem there was a dearth of gaming content at The Tavern in the month of June and there was. There were multiple reasons for that - lack of free time was one but a desire to get a proper OGL in place was another. I have some free time this week and I have what should be a proper OGL for the website ready to go. OGL for the Pocket releases for the Patreon Backers is also being finalized.

This does mean there will some White Star / Swords & Wizardry content hitting the blog over the next few days. Huzzah!

Don't forget Tavern Chat tonight at 830 PM Eastern ;)

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