Sunday, February 8, 2015

Necromancer Games PDFs 50% Off - One Day Only

It looks like Frog God Games started their One Day Sales Promotion one day earlier than I expected. Today's sale covers all of the Necromancer Games releases in PDF, putting them at 50% off with coupon.

What's the coupon you may ask?


Do I have any picks?

City of Brass ($7.50 after coupon)

The Book of Taverns ($1.50 after coupon)

The Mother of All Treasure Tables ($10.00 after coupon)

Tomb of Abysthor ($5.00 after coupon)

Sure, they are made for 3e, but they are easy enough to convert.

For those that don't want to join the Frog God mailing list, I'll do my best to put these up each day.


  1. Any comments on conversion for someone who's yet to learn 3e?

    1. all of the clones are based off of the 3x OGL anyway.

      if in doubt, power down when converting

  2. Well, they're obviously based on the *license*, but the mechanics of say Labyrinth Lord or Swords and Wizardry, or Dark Dungeons are most certainly not based on those of 3rd Ed.

    Sometimes I try to buckle down and read through the 3rd ed rules but pretty soon I'm lost in a maze of feats and powers and lose interest.

    1. When reading a 3rd Edition book you certainly will not encounter a "power" in a maze. Feats, indeed. But powers are only in 4th Edition. Critise the edition if you don't like it (it has way too much rules for my tastes), but at least stay true to the facts.

  3. Okay...finally grabbed Tome of Adventure Design, been wanting to check that out for ages now.


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