Friday, February 13, 2015

Far Away Land - What Kind of Support are You Looking For?

Anyhow, I quickly threw together a Far Away Land Community on G+ last night, figuring I'd find myself with a dozen or so like minded individuals that would be interested in brainstorming some fun stuff to use in our (mostly forthcoming) Far Away Land game sessions.

As I type this approximately 24 hrs later, we stand at 53 members.

Talk about underestimating interest. Wow.

We already have members talking maps and adventures.

So, I figured I'd throw this to The Tavern Community at large (and cross post to the G+ community) - if you were to run a session or three (or a campaign) of Far Away Land, what kind of support would you be looking for?

Maps? Adventures? New creatures? Unique items (magical or otherwise?) New spells? Short plots? Short rules reference? A herd of cats? Two herds of cats? A robot with a blue nose?


  1. I just ordered the pdf/physical copy today, and I am stoked to get it. The down side is that I am not likely going to be able to run/play it all that frequently I have been considering throwing some adventures together for others to use as they saw fit. Now I know of the community, I am joining straight away :)

    1. Welcome to the not so dark side ;)

    2. You mean the dork side, which is rather ironic since most would consider our hobby the fullness of dorkness.

  2. Man, do I love the artwork for that game. I can't wait to get my hardcover.

    I think that I would love to see an even bigger "bestiary". Looking through monster manuals and such is where I get the bulk of my campaign ideas.

    1. There is a Creatures vol 2 in the works. The first 10 creatures were made available via Patreon (which is now closed unfortunately). It included an Alkalos, Cactus Folk, Deepling, Halluncinocorn, Horror, Howler, Land Shark, Minotaur, Ollymar, and Zyverax.


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