Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mini Review - Crazy maze Daze (Far Away Land / PWYW)

Crazy Maze Daze is the third in the ongoing series of Far Away Land adventures. Like the ones that precede it, it's short and PWYW.

Unlike the adventures that precede it, Crazy Maze Daze is a dungeon, if not totally in the classic sense, than certainly skewed a bit in the "fun house" sense. Still, for those not fully comfortable with sandbox styled adventuring, the dungeon environment might be a good introduction for the traditional dungeon delvers and their adjustment to Far Away Land.

Crazy Maze Daze gives one traps, locked doors, magic keys, magical constructs, magical homunculus and more. If the previous two adventures were too light on combat for your players, this will give you a chance to make it up to them.

The map is done in that faux 3d style, with everything turned 90 degrees, which may may things like "we head north" or "we go west" a bit difficult for some. It is attractive and well done, so it's worth the mental adjustment if one needs to do so.

This should be a fun little dungeon romp.

Heroic and disturbing at the same time

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