Thursday, February 12, 2015

We Now Have a Far Away Land Community on G+

I figured it's about time that Far Away Land had it's own community for sharing thoughts, ideas, hacks and houserules.

It's kinda bare at the moment, but I suspect it will fill in over time.

So, come join us if you will ("us" being "me" at the moment) for some Far Away Land discussion. Maybe we can talk about the sci-fi hack for FAL I have bouncing around my head in my spare moments ;)

This link should take you to the Far Away Land G+ Community page.


  1. I requested to Join. I also took the plunge yesterday and bought the hard back Tome of Awesome. I've been reading the PDF and this system is very nice.

  2. I'm not so big a fan of Google +. But I bought the Tome of Awesome hardcover yesterday too, on the strength of your reviews. I have to say that it looks perfect for introducing my kids to the hobby.

    And it's just gonzo enough, without being too gonzo. A great mix of stuff, the kind of thing to fire a kids imagination without putting any limits on them.

  3. There's a Facebook page which seems to have a lot of followers; any plan to post the G+ community info on the FB page?


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