Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some Near Thoughts on Far Away Land

I've been home from work these past two days, sick with an upper respiratory infection. I'll be returning to work on Friday. Needless to say, there's been lots of sleep and watching of Blake's 7 on my agenda.

There's also been some reading done. Far Away Land has been high on that list.

I'm thinking of running a once a month, drop in drop out, Far Away Land Campaign. No details yet, I need to see where I can steal the time from my already booked life. Consider this an inquiry as to the interest of others in such a campaign. Let me know in the comments.

I'll need to finish the FAL Reference Sheet before than. Not enough to run the game but enough to keep the player's questions of mechanics down to a minimum.

I've also notice there is no Far Away Land community on G+. Perhaps we should start one. That, and / or us the forums here at The Tavern to drive some discussion.

Can you tell I'm sick? heh


  1. For what it's worth, you convinced me to drop the money to buy the Tome of Awesome in hardcover.
    And man, FAL's Youtube videos are surprisingly delightful.

  2. Am on the Edge to buy it too. And sure I would be very interested in that campaign.
    There is no community on G+ yet?

    About forums; I am signed in hundreds of them and never check. To be honest, to keep up presens online, G+ is already eating up my time. In a G+ group, its easily added to my stream. Actively checking a Forum? Not for some time. Thats my honest behavior, no use in pretending otherwise.

    Beside that, its realy cool how you support the game with your ongoing interest. I am sure the creator will apreciate that.

  3. I'm interested, given a compatible time slot.

  4. Reading your blog has convinced me to pick up the basic rules PDF, and I'm reading it currently. If you wouldn't be opposed to random internet strangers joining in, I'd be interested in playing.


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