Sunday, January 18, 2015

We Played Smart, Right Up Until We Didn't

Last night was another session of +Joe D 's Blood Island setting / house rules. It went well, right up until the end of the session.

On the outdoor trek to an "abandoned" tower, we either avoided or out thunk our wandering adversaries, including the well played use of a sleep spell and entanglement. I must say, entanglement is a damn powerful spell outdoors.

It was the door knocker at the tower that took the first and last casualty of the night.

"I raise the door knocker" are famous last words now. Not mine or my character's, but our one and only fighter's.

"It turns into a snake and bites you. Save vs poison or die."

One dead fighter.

There is a reason my magic-user doesn't like to touch too much. Unknown items lead to known death quite often ;)

Save or die is refreshing. All characters are immensely mortal.

Lets see who bites it next week :)


  1. We try to avoid "bang! You're dead!" Style traps. But dude, why wasn't he wearing gauntlets?

    1. Standard armor comes with open-palmed, fingerless, remarkably non-protective gauntlets which nonetheless make it difficult to do anything delicate while wearing them.

      Or so I tell myself it must be when my plate-armored guy is making death checks from contact poison on doorknobs. :)

  2. Teaches a man the proper use of henchmen and hirelings.

  3. The knocker was fine, the handle was what they grabbed, after being told it was in the shape of a snake...oops....a little caution goes a long way... :)

  4. Plus don't forget that the luck gave him a chance to re-roll the save, which sadly was not made successfully. :)


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