Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another WTF Kickstarter - Batman Legacy (because with $3k I can convince DC to give me a license)

Another tip of the hat to the Kicksnarker Community over at G+.

How screwed up is "Batman Legacy?" Let us count the ways:

1 - "picture is not my design" - so, the art used to pitch the project? it's copyright DC.

2 - Another person that does not believe in using "."

3 - It's going to be a graphic novel or series of comics, but we don't get a sample of the artist's work. Hmmm, above would have been a good place to show that sample.

4 - After reading the above synopsis - no, I won't donate.

5 - "burbank?" Why is he going to fly to burbank (he has trouble with capitalization too it seems) when DC is headquarter in NYC?

6 - Why is he flying anywhere? DC can turn him down remotely for free.

7 - Getting DC's permission is not a "real challenge" as it would never happen, even if he were a "legit" artist.

8 - I suspect he just wants to vacation in Burbank.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. We need a word for this (assuming one hasn't been invented before). "This" being making a purposely bad Kickstarter campaign, just to see what happens.


    Mr. Tenkar, it's possible you've been Kicktrolled...

  3. DC isn't in D.C. Try NYC. But DC is part of WB which is in the L.A. area.

    1. yeah, meant NYC

      actually googled it before posting, but on G+ I've been told they moved to Burbank...

    2. At least he's right about WB being in Burbank. But he hardly needs to fly there to get ignored. He can just mail it to their slush pile of ideas never to be opened as most places like that don't read unsolicited manuscripts for legal reasons.

  4. If he collects any money--and even if he doesn't--he may also get sued for using WB's trademarks and copyrights for his business. Or at least receive a Cease & Desist.

  5. Not to mention his story idea is pretty weak. For one thing, it's well established that the Wayne family has been in Gotham since the beginning and it's clearly in the North. And why would having your family be slaughtered by Union soldiers make you become a bat-disguised crime fighter anyway?

    Maybe it's just a joke...?

  6. DC has recently opened a b office in the Burbank area that has many of its head people.

  7. Point nine that questions his sanity, who would want to vacation in Burbank?

    1. I have to assume you've never been to Burbank and its environs.

  8. thank you for putting up this thread no publicity is bad publicity


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