Friday, January 23, 2015

Missed a Day of Posting for the First Time in Over Two Years - Starting New Count ;)

Just got home a few minutes after midnite.

The delay was not work related. Or maybe it was. Rach and I met a recently retire Detective at our local pub and hit it off like long lost friends.

Folks in common. Lost brothers in arms in common. Even the same escape from city life in common.

Reinforced the idea that I'm leaving when I hit 20 years and not a day longer.

Heck, even delayed a rant I've had brewing all day - My Podcast Pet Peeves.

I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow.

1208 AM - so close ;)


  1. So close. How many days in a row are you going for next? I am working my way to 404 days.

  2. I thought there was something weird about January 22.

  3. If you would have written this yesterday, you wouldn't have had to write it.


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