Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thoughts on a Sword of Air Sandbox Campaign (Swords & Wizardry)

I think I've mentioned before that I've been way behind on basic things like "reading email" and "reading Google + messages." I just realized today that earlier this month Frog God released the PDF to the backers of the Sword of Air Kickstarter. Yeah, I'm not even catching up with the emails that are giving me stuff.

So, earlier today I grabbed the Sword of Air PDF an accompanying map (small snippet above - 50 mile hexes) and quickly found the Stoneheart Valley. The Stoneheart Valley is a nice trilogy of low level adventures (one of which, The Tomb of Abysthor, is a manageable sized mega-dungeon.) This gives me a nice place to kick off a Sword of Air Campaign before the party starts exploring in full sandbox mode.

I was surprised that The Lost City of Barakus wasn't to be found on the map, but I figure Freegate can stand in for Endhome and the Lost City finds a new home.

Yep, apparently there isn't enough adventure in the 428 pages of the Sword of Air Campaign Book that I need to add nearly another 300 pages ;)

Actually, what I'd like to do is run two groups in the campaign setting, both working towards the same ultimate goal but from different areas initially. Logistically it's impossible for me to pull off right now, but perhaps in 2016. If I can steal enough time to prep this, maybe come the spring of this year, when I get back behind the virtual DM screen, I can kick off the initial group.

Come to think of it, with the amount of stuff going on in the setting, I may need those months just to get all of the rumor tables prepped.

Did I mention what I've read so far of The Sword of Air looks damn fine? I need to take notes tho...


  1. The Lost City of Barakus isn't on the map because it's lost.

  2. I think I read somewhere online that one of the central cities in the Slumbering Tsar mega-adventure is the sister-city to one of the central cities in Sword of Air. Did anyone else come across that yet? Am I misremembering that?

    1. That's correct. Tsen (I believe it's called) is the sister city to Tsar, found far to the north east of Tsar.

  3. Hey Tenkar, if you happen to have the Sinnar Coast map from the Lost City of Barakus KS (or from the FGG store) you'll find that the Sinnar Coast map and the Sword of Air map actually meet along the coast. You can certainly put Endhome and Barakus in your campaign, you just need to look at another map or place them side by side! I actually used paint to connect the two maps but I don't want to share it since it cost money to get the map PDFs.

  4. Would love to hear more about your thoughts on this product. I am thinking of buying it, but on the fence.

  5. Interestingly I'm planning almost the exact same thing. I'm prepping a large sand box to run next year, making use of almost all the FGG books. Sword of air, stone heart valley, slumbering tsar, and Rappan Athuk all placed on it. Then letting my Tuesday and Sunday night games loose in it, likely one starting in the sword of air region and the other in the stone heart valley region. Hopefully as they progress they'll come into natural competition over the high danger high treasure areas like the tomb of abysthor and the nastier bits of sword of air. Also it'll open the door to joining forces for epic assaults on Tsar, Rappan Athuk etc


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