Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tonight - 830 PM EST - Tavern Talk Chat Room - Moderated by Vince Florio & Myself

Last week's inaugural Tavern Talk using The Tavern's Chat Box was an overwhelming success. We had many conversations going and many drop ins from across the spectrum of OSR creators and personalities.

Tonight we are doing it all again, and +Vincent Florio and I expect an even larger turn out.

Here's some ways to make tonight's experience less hectic and more pleasurable:

- in the built in chat box, there is the below icon in the right hand corner. Clicking this allows you to pop the char box out as it's own window.
- after popping out the chat box, drag the corner of the chat box page and make the page larger. Now, click the below icon in the now popped out and enlarged chat box - this will allow you to resize the chat box - larger and wider chat box should result in easier to follow conversations.
- if you don't want to have the chat box automatically scroll to the last message (which at the height of last week's conversations was fast and furious) click on the below icon and then un-click "scroll to latest message"

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