Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wayward Kickstarter - johnnyy's game store (wall of text warning)

This would certainly fall under the "Dont's" category.

Just think, all johnnyy wants to raise is $250k...

Two paragraphs. Three periods. Wow.

There is medication that can help I think I shot may need now Fireball whiskey.

Hat tip goes to +Matthew Koelling of the Kicksnarker community on G+.


  1. Wow. I think Kickstarter should require that each submission include a medical history statement so they can verify no one is off their meds.

    1. On closer inspection I am pretty sure this is a mildly amusing troll.

    2. I agree, it looks like an attempt at humor. Sadly it's a pretty piss poor attempt.

  2. Well at least he was smart enough to rip off a picture of pretty decent looking game store to illustrate the really bad store in his head.

  3. HAH...only one backer level at $100 and what you get is "free stuff from the store".

    Sounds legit...until he mails me some used shipping materials from his distributor.

  4. Some things are probably better handled by a business loan.

  5. His bio page is pretty good, too... "i would like to have my own store that people from all overy the work come to see it" (sic).

    On the other hand, if you're going to throw away $250k on a game store, it might as well be someone else's money!

  6. I'm starting my Excelsior JohnnyGameStoreBucks printing press right now . . . Johnnydollars and Trollcents for as far as the eye can see . . . with that tasty Italian Boat-Show model holding the door so I can wedge my cardboard gaming table into the VIP Room.

    Awesome. Save vs. Sharing your Bourbon.


    1. "...with that tasty Italian Boat-Show model holding the door so I can wedge my cardboard gaming table into the VIP Room..."

      I've never heard it called THAT before.

  7. Damn. Now you've gone and hurt his feelings and Johnnyy cancelled the project. Sad.


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