Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas is Still the Season - B/X Hardcover Arrived!

Sometimes I don't ask Santa how he does things. I just accept it on faith alone. The fact that Santa has a Scottish burr is a quirk that I'll gladly accept.

Thank you Scottish Santa!


  1. Those "black book Basic" books are very nice.

  2. Wh... wh... where did that come from?

  3. Are these available all finished and ready to buy anywhere? I know the DIY method but it seems like too much hassle.

  4. Yes...how do you get your hands on a copy?

  5. Scottish Santa sent me one of these in the mail today too!

  6. Did I miss a Kickstarter somewhere? Where do you get and HOW do you get? Interested!

  7. As I understand it, there are a few hoops to jump thru to get this done: you have to merge the Basic and Expert PDFs into a single file, upload the combined file and a cover file to Lulu or another POD publisher, as a self-publisher, and then order a copy to your own specifications. It doesn't sound like rocket science, but it does require some graphic arts savvy and a publisher account at Lulu.com.

  8. Jon is right, there are a few hoops but the final product is pretty worth it in my opinion. Alex Schroeder made a good summary of the process based on a G+ post I did and the original blog post where the cover came from. https://plus.google.com/112496081196492342580/posts/S7wKENzkbgv

  9. This looks great.

    The way I read some of the comments ("Are these available all finished and ready to buy anywhere?") it seems like it is well known that there is a way to get these with a little bit of work involved, but a lot of people would like to get them easier. Probably a copyright thing why this is not possible.

    1. Bingo! The Basic and Expert D&D rulebooks are copyrighted and WotC owns the copyrights by virtue of it's buyout of TSR. So in order to make this sort of book available for purchase, WotC would have to be the one exercising it's rights as the holder of the Intellectual Property, or license the IP out to another publisher.

  10. Is this an original or some kind of replica?


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