Monday, January 19, 2015

Kickstarter Do's and Dont's - Part 1 - Wear Shoes (I beg of you)

Kickstarter. It's potential for abuse was huge before they stopped policing themselves. Now it's left to consumers to sift out the scams and the like. This isn't about scams.

Today we are about presentation. You might have the best idea in the world, the greatest game, the most awesome heated sock and personal coffee brewer ever imagined, but if you can't bother to present it well, you might as well not present it as all.

Where should we start?

How about from the bottom and some Dont's.

Wear some fucking shoes.

Raised $5 of $12,500 goal

There is a mindset that you need a video for your Kickstarter to be successful. There is some truth to that, as the voice on listens to can make the project more personal and real. Imagining the smell of one's dirty socks does not make a project more appealing to me. Sometimes none is more than poor.

You also need to put your best foot forward right from the start. Every Kickstarter comes down to, at it's root, someone holding their hand out for your money with the promise to give something in return at a later date. Some ask for $100, others ask for $100,000. All want your

If this is a sample of what you are promising, you apparently don't really need the cash.

Raised $172 of $100 goal
Sometimes it's the simple things that are lacking - like coherence.

Soul Sword RPG is a Christian based rpg game the games theme is focused around the "Whole body armor of God" Ephesians 6 
18 year old Jack Rionhart a babe in Christ is called by Jehova to be the Spirit Leader unsure and fearful of the task before him he soon learns he must gain all of the lost pieces of the Body Armor of God and restore the fruits of a spiritually dead people of Larule. A growing evil from the land to the East threatens Jacks progress. Lord Cain Wants to destroy king Abel and take over Larule promising a life of pleasures and lust. The life blood of the kingdom a large natural crystal called the SEOUL purifies the fresh water for the people of larule. In Lord Cains lust for power he must kidnap the remaining descendants of the Founders to find out where the SEOUL is hidden so he can rule the entire land. Can Jack and his team of four restore the faith of Larule, find the Whole Body Armor of God and with the Sword of the Spirit destroy the Evil One who posses Lord Cain in time?
Add in the ceaseless rocking back and forth in the chair in the attached video - remember how I said above that sometimes no video is better than poor video - and you have a prefect example of what not to do when presenting your Kickstarter.

$42 raised of $1,000 goal

We've got more coming. Castles, cardboard, countless promises unfilled and lots of failures (even successes can be failures.)


  1. Is that a Korean Christian RPG? Seoul? Sorry can't be bothered to watch a video when the text is that awful.

  2. "Lord Cain Wants to destroy king Abel..."

    Spoiler alert: I think he succeeds.

    Oh, and "Larule?" That sounds less like a Biblical kingdom and more like a drag queen (full name "Fanny LaRule").


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