Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Britches are Burning!

Yesterday I caused a small firestorm with one of my "Kickstarter" posts. Well, actually, the post was on Sunday but the fires were started yesterday. Pretty much consumed what little meal and personal time I had at work last night and I'm back at work this morning with minimal sleep and a pile awaiting me at my desk.

Sooo... I'm not going to even touch the relevant G+ threads until I get home this afternoon.

I will say this:

If you put your hand out for money to fund your crowdfunded project, you've opened yourself up to attention, good or bad. You want money based on a promise. Many times, those promises are poorly explained or barely explained at all.

As I've stated elsewhere, I do not have an obligation to reach out to Kickstarter project creators behind the scenes to give my opinion on how to better present their project. They put it out there on the interwebs with an open palm.

If someone asks me to took at their project prior to release, I consider that to be confidential. I've looked, given feedback, critique and /or encouragement many times in the past. Live projects are fair game for public critique.


  1. Tenkar, do you have a general "How not to be a Moron on Kickstarter" post somewhere on your blog? Or "How to Spot a Lemon of a Crowdsourcing Project"? If not, you totally should do that.

    1. no, and i should. making a note as i eat my breakfast...

      it might even make it to the podcast

  2. Did you get in trouble over the documentary one or the one with the tacky map?

    1. tacky map and the better than 3.5 SRD with no details on how it will be better...

    2. Both of them have tacky maps. Well, one had ok maps but they were tacky because they didn't bother to mention who drew the maps until contacted by the artist.

    3. Is this in reference to a certain thread? Because if it is, that is just sloppy shit from folks asking for 50k

  3. Hey, who better to be the Kickstarter police than an actual cop. You keep doing what you are doing warning us off of potentially bad investments. I consider it a valuable public service. Thanks!


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