Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tenkar & The Badger, Episode Zero Goes Down Tonight - and there was Great Weeping

Due to some technical difficulties (not the least of which was my 3 y/o niece visiting her favorite uncle Tuesday evening) we had to push back the Tenkar & The Badger Episode Zero test recording until this evening.

Which works out pretty cool, as now we have some snazzy graphics.

I'm going to convince +Jason Paul McCartan to release some pieces of tonight's "not for public release" episode as soon as we get them cleaned up - what better way to tease a new podcast than releasing parts of an episode that's guaranteed to be fucked up?

We've set up a G+ Community for the show - Tavern Radio. Join us like a good lemming ;)


  1. Tenkars and Badgers and lemmings, oh my!

  2. Want a twice ENnie Nominated podcast guy to come by and be neighborly?

  3. "Break a leg" is polite. So is "good luck." What do we wish for this guy? ^_^

  4. Looks like you have an excuse to wear pants today....maybe.


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