Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another WTF Kickstarter - FanAdv- A new d20 RPG

Really, shouldn't this map speak volumes for the project?
A picture is worth a thousand words...
Actually, let me present the author of FanAdv in his own words:

So, what makes this different than every other OGL system? Who knows, he doesn't say. He just says he can do better than the core rules that are presented in the 3.5 SRD. Based on his amazing map work, I think it's a safe bet that he can't.


  1. You'd better take your dwarven ass back to Eja, Tenkar. We don't take kindly to your kind here in Ordrany.

  2. Stu, I have plenty of derision for them, as evidenced by numerous other posts here at The Tavern.

    This just called to me like a flame calls to a moth...

  3. Its his 3rd KSer, so he has a better record than me, or a number of the others you have pointed out to us. You would have to have a thick skin... I don't think I could do it.

  4. So given that map, may I assume that travel by ship or by air is a given? How else are the elves of Omvia going to trade with the gnomes of Inozmayway, let alone the humans of Trialand. And it's a good things the Trolls have an island all of their own so they won't bother anybody.

    Geesh. . .

    1. Boats. That tends to be how oceans work.

    2. Thank you for demonstrating your superior reading skills by skipping over the first sentence of my post.

  5. If you guys can't recognize the secret genius of a gnomish nation labelled "I knows my way", I just can't help you.

  6. "I think I can do better than this."

    Famous last words.


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