Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kickstarter in Hand - Adventures in the East Mark (Basic Clone)

Alright, so we got some whiteout from the computer monitor in the shot. Still, Adventures in the East Mark is an impressive game, and not just because it's a decent sized box.

Inside is a full color rulebook (I opted for color over B&W), and excellent GM's screen (strong enough not to bend easy), dice, a crayon to color in said dice and a pencil.

Of course, I have no time to read Adventures in the East Mark. Work, the podcast, the secret project and puppy prep have hold of my time for the moment. I am, however, on vacation at the end of the month - I need a day to devote to just reading and perusing my games...


  1. I'm keen to hear what sets this apart from all the other Basic Clones (outside of the cool box).

  2. I was really looking forward to this....then I noticed it was yet another retro clone that left the thieves (and thus all the classes that rely on that table too) skill %'s beyond abysmal, so I passed. :(

    I really don't understand why no clones seem to try and rectify this, even though is it one of the most common gripes to pop up in regards to B/X, Mentzer et al. Leaving something crappy because it "has always been crappy" is an odd concept in my eyes.

  3. it's standard Labyrinth Lord (basic) with a few class added in (scout and paladin), it's nice and compact and it's a nice rewrite, on my blog you can find a review of the italian edition (in italian sorry, but google do an almost understandable tranlsation :))

  4. I backed this and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive....

    I too agree that the thief skills are dumb. I use the specialist skills from Lamentations of the Flame Princess Specialist class more or less. Mostly I use the categories of AitEM, plus sneak attack in the Barrowmaze game I'm using it to run. Seems to work fine.

  5. It has excellent artwork throughout. The beta translation from Spanish was terrible. They asked for suggestions and I gave them extensive ones. 70% were ignored when they released beta2 to the backers. I lost hope for the project then. But, then I saw they hired a new translator and delayed the project. After reading some of it, I've been impressed with the translation. I haven't had time to read it closely like I did the Beta versions, but it's looking good. There were a few things I noticed such as capitalizing halflings, elves, dwarves part of the time, but not always. I think they should have been consistent with capitalizations. That is minor compared to the translations they fixed. It originally read as if you were talkin to someone who just learned English.


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