Saturday, July 19, 2014

Games From the Basement - Tunnels & Trolls 2e, 4e and UK 1e

A question about Tunnels & Trolls editions came up recently and in the midst of it all, I forgot about the "Black Spiral Cover UK Edition".

Now, here's how the breakdown goes best as I can tell.

1e was very limited - less than 100 copies.

2e was also very limited. My copy of 2e is +Ken St. Andre personal play copy.

I don't own a copy of 3e, but the cover is the same as 2e (even if the ink seems to be a different color in the pics I've seen).

4e is 2e with the supplemental rules incorporated.

UK 1e is the spiral cover, with contents of 2e plus the supplement, but it is laid out differently than 4e.

UK Orange Box and UK Corgi are the 5e rules of T&T.

Personally, I love the UK Corgi edition for the convenience factor - it's just a damn good size to carry around.

All because I stumbled across some of my older T&T stuff as I condense boxes and fill up gaming shelves for some late spring cleaning...

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