Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Tavern makes it's ENnies Picks - Part the Second

It's that time. Time for me to use my undue influence for EVIL! Or, failing that, at least point out the OSR picks and such for the ENnies.

- Best Family Game - Wait, Fate Accelerated is a Family Game? Aside from Fate, I know nothing on this list

- Best Free Product - Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quickstart - Chaosium Inc. - Would have been nice to see the City of Dolmvay make the list...

- Best Game - Fate Core System - Evil Hat Productions - I have 4 of the 5 choices, and even if I never play it, I think Fate is the better choice - Numenra is an eye sore to read.

- Best Miniatures Product - Whisper & Venom Collector's Set - Lesser Gnome - I never thought of my W&V box as a miniature product, but in retrospect, yes it is. A damn fine one too.

- Best Monster/Adversary - Creature Decks: Creature Information Cards; 54 Aberrations & Magical Beasts - Inkwell Ideas - I really need to find some time to review this. The art is simply amazing.

- Best Podcast - Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff - Ken Hite and Robin Laws - usually pretty decent. Surprised no Wild Games Productions podcasts are on the list

- Best Production Values - Whisper & Venom Collector's Set - Lesser Gnome - everything else is a distant second - at best

Thus ends part 2 of the the 2014 Lemming List ;)


  1. Woe. Shunned on the monster book. Lemmings, please ignore Erik on the monster book statement. ;)

  2. At least it wasn't "F.A.T.A.L. Accelerated" as a family game.

  3. Wow except for 13th Age I own and/or know nothing of almost all the entries except Numenera, which I just can't find the energy to delve in to.

  4. None of my podcasts are on the list because our topics are considered niche podcasting and not current. Doesn't matter how good they are, the topics aren't liked by the judges they wont vote for it. I don't blame them, its their job.


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