Monday, July 14, 2014

Failed Basic Math Kickstarter - Warrior's Crusade (Board Game)

Yeah, I'm a Kickstarter ass. So I've been told. The fact that Kickstarter no longer vets new projects is becoming a huge issue.

Alright, I'm not going to mention the video. Watch it yourself.

Instead, I'm going to ask you to work out the math for Warrior's Crusade on your own. (note - there is only one pledge level)

Again - no projects backed.

Notice under Risks and Challenges it lists "funding for the production."

Since Kickstarter isn't doing due diligence on any level with this projects, I strongly suggest you do your own.


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  2. There's no requirement that you pick a reward level. I'm sure an extra $20000 will come in from people expecting nothing in return.

  3. I'm sure this one will do just... fine...

    I know some people were crying foul on picking apart kickstarters, but I think its a good thing. I mean, seriously... when you get down to it a kickstarter is selling you something. Even if it's just a promise. Dont you want to give your potential customers a peace of mind? Shoddy production, bad grammar, bad art and unattainable goals aren't going to make one come off as a good businessman.

    Don't let a fired up internet get to you. :)

  4. And he changed it.
    $500 is limited to 20. $100 is now unlimited.

    1. And for $100 all you get is a T-Shirt...

    2. Wow... a $100 T-shirt and $500 board game... limited to 20.

    3. Which means if he sells all 20 ($500) board games, he still needs to sell 300 ($100) t-shirts.


      Call me crazy, but I'm just a smidgen skeptical...

  5. Hmmm at the $250 level you get some sort of extra map with "middle earth" and "greek mythology' on each side. I wonder if the Tolkien Estates are cool with that.

  6. So er.. what was the last board game you paid a hundred bucks for?

  7. $100? Can't recall. Spent about $200 on OGRE though. ;)

  8. The game itself sounds like Advanced Candyland, the description is full of careless typos, and the rambling video pitch for the project makes no mention of, you know, a budget or plan beyond 'raise 40k, then finish game, and then magically publish it'. Sounds pretty solid to me.

  9. I was going to use fistful of hundreds to cook a can of beans tonight..maybe I will invest them instead.


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