Monday, June 16, 2014

The Dragon Hoard Zine #2 - On Sale for a Buck in PDF Thru Thursday!

+Richard LeBlanc , winner of the 2014 NTRPG Con Three Castles Award for Valley of the Five Fires as well as the D30 Sandbox Companion and my main co-conspirator on the secret project NUTS!, has released The Dragon Hoard Zine Issue #2 for a measly buck on RPGNow. Yep, a dollar. But only thru Thursday.

Issues 1 and 2 of The Dragon Hoard Zine are available in print (true print, not POD) for $4 each or the pair for $7. The print versions include the PDFs (actually, anything bought in print and the New Big Dragon storefront includes PDF versions for free, delivered via RPGNow).

I'm stuck between finishing reading Valley of the Five Fires or The Dragon Hoard Issue #2, both of which i picked up at NTRPG Con the other week.

From the blurb:

Inside this 32-page Nordic-themed issue:

• The Monster Roster: Linnorms (Oe/BX/1e information for 6 types)

• The Long and Short of the Viking Longhouse (with several sample maps)

• Here's the Thing... (folkmotes and fitting them into your adventures)

• The Völva: A New NPC Character Class - including several new spells
(part seer, part shaman, part wanderer... all woman)

• Vifillmein: An Adventure for Characters Levels 1-3

• Dealing with Level Drain (a host of alternatives to "by the book" level drain)

• The Houses of the Mark: NPC Encounters Adapted from
William Morriss The House of the Wolfings (NPC encounters for nearly
2 dozen tribes and their most important members)

• A Trio of Norse-inspired Magic Items


  1. Looks great, but how do you pay through the site? Doesn't look like it takes paypal.

  2. Not available as a print product in the UK apparently. Damn, that's annoying. I recently designed a völva for Norse-themed games and am intensely curious to see what Mr LeBlanc has come up with. I might have to get the PDF. I hate getting PDFs.


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