Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mini Review - Bird of a Feather (Whisper & Venom Setting - Lesser Gnome)

Ashley is in lazy mode today

Bird of a Feather was my first "acquisition" at NTRPG Con earlier this month. It almost felt like a cold war spy thriller, meeting +Zach Glazar in the hotel bar and receiving the "hand off". All it needed was to be wrapped in some brown paper wrapping and tied off with some twine.

I don't think I can properly stress what a great product Whisper & Venom is. I have both the boxed set and the hardcover for "Old School Gaming Systems" and it is extremely well done. Boxed set if you like opening Christmas presents and hardcover for portability.

Bird of a Feather is set in the Whisper & Venom setting. You don't need Whisper & Venom to run Bird of a Feather (BoaF), but the two fit together seamlessly.

BoaF is a sandboxie hunting expedition for the party, with plenty of opportunities to roleplay and kick your party's collective asses. Zach has a talent when it comes to writing NPC - it doesn't take much space for him to bring them to life, which will only help the DM's running this (and Whisper & Venom - the reason I wanted to run W&V for my wife was because of the lively NPCs - I'll still run it for her, especially after she got a taste of it at NTRPG Con).

The font size is perfect for my older eyes. It's the first thing I noticed, followed by the double cover - an outer cover for the adventure map on the inside side, and the regional maps on a separate inner cover on both sides. I really don't know how Zach manages to put out such high quality work with all of the little extras.

Well worth a few of your coins. Oh, did I mention Bird of a Feather comes with a Rhacos figurine custom sculpted just for this release? Yep. I'm waiting to see how the mini fits in an envelope ;)

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  1. I ore-ordered two copies prior to the NTRPG and can't wait to get them. One to keep and one to play.lol.

    Zach is a nice guy to deal with. My first order of W&V book was lost by the USPS and he promptly replaced it.


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